Lajos Kassai’s traditional horseback archery school, based on military traditions, has nearly 200 members. Among them are more than 60 women: they are the Amazons. From young to middle-aged, they come to the Kassai Valley to take the physically and mentally challenging entrance exam. Some are following their own dreams, many young people are driven by the enthusiasm of their parents or partners.

Being a horseback archer requires discipline, commitment, diligence and perseverance. Stepping out of your comfort zone is inevitable for progress. The goal of becoming a better rider helps them through the difficulties. For the Amazons, being a horseback archer is an opportunity to rediscover a harmonious balance in the distribution of attention between the outside world and their own inner selves. This is often lost in caring for others.

Time spent in community, working together, is also an attractive value for the women who join. The sustaining, supportive power of the equestrian community is significant in the lives of all members, including the Amazons