Sandor Balkovics and his wife, Marti have been caring for their daughter Sari since June 2017. She was run over by a driver on a zebra crossing on 4 July 2016. She’s since been in a coma vigil which is a persistent vegetative state with stable circulation. Her eyes are open but she can’t make contact. She has had 10 brain surgeries but her condition is gradually deteriorating. Doctors cannot do more for her any longer. Sari’s parents have to deal with hopelessness on a daily basis and Sari’s poor handling of life-sustaining treatments. In the day-to-day tests of their physical and mental capacity, the parents managed to find a creative activity that gives relaxation, thus gaining strength for their monotonous and stressful everyday life.

In Hungary, approximately 12,000 parents provide in-house care for a family member who is permanently ill or severely disabled. The professional competence of the caregivers, their emotional richness, and physical, mental capacity are very important for those cared for at home.