Andras and his partner Mari lived together for 23 years in Szanda, Nógrád county, Hungary. Mari passed away summertime in 2018, and Andri, as everyone calls him in the village, stayed alone at the age of 84.

Not long after losing his partner, he fell in his wine cellar. He was taken to hospital with femoral neck fracture. He could stay in the traumatology department only for one week. Since he can walk with difficulties, and not able to look after himself in his home, he cannot move back to his house in Szanda.

Mari’s daughter, who lives overseas, cannot take on such responsibility. In the last minute, one place became available in the nursing department and he was accepted there. Andri, who had been actively working every day until his accident, had to decide if he were to stay in the nursing department for a monthly fee or spends the rest of his life in the elderly care.

He does not have these two alternatives in his head in the long run. He wish to go home.